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This workshop is designed to help research students and staff across the agricultural disciplines think about how gender is relevant to their research and fieldwork and how they might start to incorporate gender into their research planning. Applied research for development, like that undertaken by ACIAR funded projects, is designed to identify and understand local problems that can be remedied through agricultural or animal science interventions. Social science research aims to supplement research for technical interventions, as it provides insight into the problems different groups of people face and how the introduction of a new technology may lead to different outcomes for different people. Therefore, thinking about gender not only helps researchers focus their work on topics relevant to households, but also understand the social issues that impede solutions. Applying gender principles to other forms of research is similarly useful if topics aim to understand who, how and why certain agricultural or livestock problems are faced and how solutions might be found.

This online module will run for approximately 60 mins and consists of videos, case studies, quizzes and activities to help participants think about relevant gender issues for agricultural and livestock research. In the next section of the module, I will illustrate why gender is important for research into agricultural and livestock development with some case studies from Africa and Asia. There will be a short quiz to test your understanding at the end of these case studies. The second half of the module discusses the main points of including gender at each step in the research process. The module will conclude with a couple of activities that you can do with one or two other people. It is desired that this module will run in conjunction with other modules or workshops that help students and staff learn gender specific research methods and analysis.


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